We help hotels generate more revenue through digital transformation, giving guests full control and access to extra offers at any time.

Today every information we want is online. All you have to do is search for it. What’s the catch? There is too much information, which means it will take a lot of your time to go through it all. When traveling, you can always do the research before or ask the hotel reception for an advice.

Again, both scenarios take your time and effort. So what can we do to solve this problem? We created an app that has all the information you need in one place. We made it easy for guests to handle. We give the hotel access to the information about the guest and all of his or hers needs, making each guest have that personalised experience.

We made the app not just for the guest so they can have more enjoyable stay at your hotel but for the hotel as well. The technology behind it is so detailed that it makes possible for every hotel employee an easy and efficient content management. The app is easily integrated with other hotel systems (CRM, PMS…) as well. It will improve even more the communication between hotel and its guests. How will it improve it? The communication will be faster and it will allow hotel to be proactive towards the guest. With all the extra information you will have about your guests you can easily understand his or hers needs and habits and therefore you can expand your offer (Up-sale/cross-sale: bicycles, SPA, room service, trips…). With such an offer the improvement of guest satisfaction and their loyalty are guaranteed.

All good hotels have information, leaflets, and flyers with all the offers at the reception. Now imagine that every guest has all of that information in their pocket... It will automatically shorten waiting time for all the extra offers (reception, SPA, restaurant table waiting, special diet food…). The app will resolve the “extra mile” problem. All the information and offers will be transparent and fast.

When you give your guest everything and even more, you can for sure expect from them to come back. But just to be on the safe side, the app will also give the hotel the possibility to stay in contact with the guest (while the guest is in the hotel or not).

So what features does the app bring?

1.) Mandatory features

We learn from our guests (analysis)
Smart analytics is a way to better understand our guests, their needs and habits which leads to optimised marketing strategy – we follow every click in the app.

Hotel information available within one click
All information about the hotel is just a click away in every step of the process from the discovery phase to leaving the hotel.

Social networks
Follow – like – interact – we control it all!

What do we offer to our guests?
Attracting guests in the early, pre sales phase. Making their stay and experience in our hotel easier and joyful. Stay in touch after they leave the hotel.

Hotel activities
Attractive hotel offering in a single, easy accessible place.

Hotel shopping
We are giving guests a lot of information about hotel shopping and other available services.

Single place for all previously answered questions.

2.) Smart features

Room appearance
Room appearance as attractive as possible with advanced features, such as360 interactive view.

Local restaurants, shopping, happenings
Make guest choice easier with recommendations.

Transportation information
All transportation information in a single place

Our biggest value are guests. We position ourselves as B2B2C proxy and increase value for the money to our guests.

Local events
Inform and take guests to the local events.

Kid's corner
Inform guests why we are the best hotel for kids.

3.) Advanced features

Mobile booking
Simple booking, increased conversions.

Mobile check-in & check-out
Giving guests extra attention.

Special offers
Communicate with guests directly, effectively and efficiently.

Loyalty program
Direct and manage guests among our hotels and destinations.

Increase understanding and needs of our guest.

Hotel ratings
Allow guests that rate us high, to connect to external rating services, like TripAdvisor.

Room service
Empower guests through room ordering.

Smart room***
5+ hotels direction worldwide.

It all sounds so easy to use. Well it is. Was it easy to make it? Of course not. But we took the time, money, energy and some of the best programmers to make it look and function so easily. There is always room for customisation and we can make it, depending on client’s needs. We can do all the complex work behind the app and make it easy to use for you, so you can concentrate on the work you love.




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