Mogy helps fitness businesses and enthusiasts to reach their goals – both business and personal.

Mogy is a fitness platform that helps fitness professionals to optimize their business, gain more clients and interact with their clients, while giving clients clear and precise instructions on fitness training plan to be performed as well as helping clients find workout program that fits their needs the best. It is modern and intuitive mobile application for fitness clients (both recreational and professional) and a web portal for fitness professionals and trainers. We like to call it – CRM for trainers.

Reliable source for athletes

Whether you are a professional athlete of recreational, you want to make sure that your workouts are created by experts who can produce results. At Mogy we carefully select trainers with proven results as our partners in creating workout plans for our clients. So we are sure that you will achieve your goals. Of course, you will have to sweat (a lot), but we’ll guide you and show you how to sweat.

Just download Mogy from the app store on your iPhone or Android and start getting results by selecting program that fits your needs from Mogy marketplace.

Additional incentive for fitness supplies shoppers

If you are in the fitness retail business, selling gym equipment, sneakers, sports clothes, bicycles or any other fitness stuff, your clients will appreciate getting free workout programs for their own needs, based on their purchase. And you will get loyal customers that will keep comping back for more – equipment and programs.

Mogy will also give you a great channel to stay in regular touch with your customers on a regular basis.

Healthy, happy and productive employees

“Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.” – JFK.

As employer, you want happy and productive employees, and good physical shape is one of the key influencers in both. Mogy gives you a platform you need as employer, to give your employees a perfect tool to workout regularly – both at the workspace, with exercises adjusted for the office, as well as in their spare time at the location of their choice – gym, nature, home with company of their choice. You just give employees a professionally created workout programs, they will appreciate it and give it back to you.

Gyms love loyal members, members love to feel loved

As a gym owner, would you like to give personalized workout programs to those members who don’t use a personal trainer? We know your members would love that, only if they could get it at an affordable price. With Mogy, you can give your members a workout program, adjusted to their needs at a very affordable price. It can even be created by a personal trainer from your gym, who they see every day and trust already. It will give your members additional benefit, build a trust and make them loyal members.

Be an organised trainer, not a computer admin

Mogy is an innovative software solution that will help personal trainers and their clients providing them a unified experience for creating specialized workout plans, powerful client management and detailed reviews of workout statistics for any client or exercise! 

As a trainer, stay in touch with every client on a daily basis!

Mogy provides trainers and coaches a web app experience while their clients send them feedback over a mobile app in real-time! Remove the clutter of multiple communication channels, spreadsheets and emails, save hours and hours weekly and focus on your core business.

High schools give kids phones, kids stay in good shape

Today's high school kids spend too much time in front of computers and game consoles. They don't pay attention to their physical condition. So we at Mogy thought - let's give them phones to get in shape. In cooperation with their schools and professors of physical activity who create them workout programs adopted to their age and abilities, we give them fun and entertaining way to get moving and to motivate them to keep doing it. We give them competitions, challanges, selfie mode, social media sharing which will in the end provide kids lot of fun and healthy body, all under supervision of their high school professors.


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