Digital Signage

We help hotels generate more revenue through digital transformation, giving guests full control and access to extra offers at any time.

To be able to react fast is always a plus in business. To be able to give your customers new fresh information or promotion is precious. Print materials make it hard to do that. But with digital display we make it possible. We transform and display digital signage with following features: design once, display many.

EmGuest digital signage has adjustability features and business processes to meet your client needs. Not only can it help them, it will also make them feel more welcome (make a welcome sign or make offers on their language…). EmGuest digital signage is Microsoft Azure cloud-based with its security, reliability and scalability.

What it does, is give you the possibility to put real-time refreshed content and
scheduling whether it is an ad-hoc moment or a daily, weekly or monthly new
task/information. The important feature is that it is compatible with various devices (LCD TV, smart TV, totem, monitors, tablets…).

Usage scenario

  • Improves reception work and guest experience
  • Up-to-date information about promotions, events and schedule
  • Makes navigation in hotels easier
  • Pointing guests to specific activities and locations, based on hotel preferences
  • Weather reportss, news on various displays throughout the hotel (elevators, welcome boards and kiosks)
  • Menus
  • New revenue stream for hotels
  • Security

Supported formats

Content management

Content refresh


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